Fish and Chips

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We provide sweet designs,
spicy ideas and fresh visuals

FISH AND CHIPS is a Luxembourg based communication agency established in 2010.
Seeking to achieve for each project a unique process, we are curious and enthusiastic.

Creativity and a taste for perfection and detail in the field of communication is our philosophy.
Our mission is to capture and understand our customers world! Respond to their needs and create an added value.

In order to offer an ever more complete offer, Fish and Chips collaborates with Agacom. Both entities are members of Stead collab.

This initiative aims to:

  • Bring together specialists with complementary skills, rich in international experience
  • Define common goals, stimulate ideas and creativity
  • Reducing operating costs while having a state of the art offer that creates value

34a Rue Philippe II,
L-2340 Luxembourg

+352 27 47 87 88

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